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are the three fundamental values that the foundation wants to realize through its activities.



it’s the focus of everyone’s life: religious and laic commandment, it’s the human ability to look at people and build links giving value and respecting the differences. It’s also the main educational instrument for social promotion and it’s where our humanity is realised.



it represents our working method, we are persuaded that just with regular practice it’s possible to take care one another, as it’s asked by the gospels and the Italian Constitution.


it is the belief that we must answer to the needs of the people we meet in all the possible ways and methods we know.

all these years I’ve tried to take care of youth living on the edge of the community: in prison, but even out of it, in the most difficult suburban neighbourhood, in houses where families tend to break apart because of financial difficulties and social isolation, in schools where new generations should be trained for a conscious and active citizenship.
(Don Gino Rigoldi)

The Foundation is a non-profit organisation and pursue the aim of social solidarity for youth and minors in need, form any country, of any race, language and culture, so that they can be supported for a full integration in the society and in the world of work, sharing as well in formative projects that turn their ability to better account.
The Foundation intends to single out and support projects that are coherent to its principles and aims.
The foundation, besides financing support and youth resources development activities, wants also to promote the culture of solidarity and cooperation through meetings, publication and interventions.