A home to start over is a project of “housing transition” aimed at families, new households, young people who come out of paths of social vulnerability who already have a stable job.
Our commitment is not limited to providing accommodation; we believe that accompaniment and educational support are essential to ensure that this project can be a springboard to a new and lasting housing situation. For this reason, the length of stay in the house is limited and the work with the guests is intense and focused.

Sometimes you just need a safe stop

These are the stories of those who together with us have found a place where they can stop, catch their breath and start again.

What it consists of

The support given to the young people and families we welcome acts on 3 elements:

10 apartments: made available for people and family units who need to be supported for full integration into society.

24 months: the maximum duration of the project that can be redefined by the team together with the tenants based on the progress of the individual path.

Project team: a coordinator and three educators who accompany the guests in overcoming the aspects that determine the condition of difficulty.

The beneficiaries are identified starting from the presence of some requirements:

  • eporting by social services or other territorial entities of the Third Sector
  • presence in the family unit of at least a minimum income from work
  • possession of regular documents or possibility of regularization



12 family units or single people who are going through a difficult time.

Help us unleash more potential

How can you and your company help?

Becoming a Sponsor of the project

You can choose to make a financial contribution to our Foundation, thus making a precious gesture that helps us to support the many operational costs of the social housing project (e.g. rent, household utilities, ordinary maintenance, educational staff, schooling and professional training courses …).

Choosing to be a partner of the project

You can decide to temporarily make available to our project one or more housing units. The more houses we have, the more families we can help.
Becoming a sponsor or partner of the project A Home to start over is a choice of great value with which to try together to respond to a primary need of families and young people in a state of economic and social difficulty. A concrete action to support their growth path.

Contact us to learn more.

For more information about the Foundation and the projects, write to our communication manager, Benedetta. She will be happy to help you.

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