Category: Our projects

  • Credit to the Future

    Credit to the Future

    We help young people excluded from the suburbs to discover their potential and activate their passion to build opportunities for the future.

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  • Don Gino’s Shelter

    Don Gino’s Shelter

    Don Gino personally offers accommodation to those young people who often arrive in Italy alone, confused and in search of balance and autonomy, who have…

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  • “Gianfranco De Martini” Scholarships

    “Gianfranco De Martini” Scholarships

    We offer the opportunity to attend university to deserving young people with fragile socioeconomic backgrounds, supporting them with our tutors and mentors throughout the course.

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  • A home to start over

    A home to start over

    We accompany people to plan their exit paths from a situation of hardship or precariousness by offering them temporary accommodation and educational support.

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